[tkined] Errors in loading mibs

Juergen Schoenwaelder schoenw at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Fri Mar 30 16:06:28 CEST 2001

>>>>> James Harper writes:

James> On starting a tnm application I try to load a mib that has been
James> designed and used by other snmp applications.  However with
James> scotty I get an error "Warning: cannot scan enums - ignored"

James> Is this not a valid notation in a mib? See below

: alarmCategory OBJECT-TYPE
:     SYNTAX      Integer32 { hardware (1),
:                             operatingSystemError (2)
:                             softwareError (3),
:                             softwareAlarm (4),
:                             communicationsError (5),
:                             unknownCategory (6) }
:     MAX-ACCESS  read-only
:     STATUS          current
:     DESCRIPTION "Alarm Category."
:         ::= { alarmEntry 2 }

There is definately a "," missing behind (2). Also note that SMIv2
says that only INTEGER is allowed for enumerations (RFC 2578, 7.1.1):

   The INTEGER type (but not the Integer32 type) may also be used to
   represent integer-valued information as named-number enumerations.
   In this case, only those named-numbers so enumerated may be present
   as a value.  Note that although it is recommended that enumerated
   values start at 1 and be numbered contiguously, any valid value for
   Integer32 is allowed for an enumerated value and, further, enumerated
   values needn't be contiguously assigned.

(Not sure this really helps to make the scotty parser feel better.)

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