[tkined] ip discover does not work properly

Frank Thommen thommen at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Aug 13 17:09:51 CEST 2001


i'm currently trying to get to run scotty/tkined under solaris 2.6.1 on a 
sparc workstation.  unfortunately "ip discover" does not work.  the typical 
report message is:

  Mon Aug 13 16:08:52 MET DST 2001 
  Discover nnn.nnn.nn from XXXX [nnn.nnn.nn.nn] 

then tkined hangs (?).  there is no difference, wether the host running tkined 
is in the subnet be discovered or not.

when trying to discover a network not starting at nnn.nnn.nnn.000, then tkined 
discovers nothing:

  Mon Aug 13 16:08:33 MET DST 2001 
  Discover nnn.nnn.nn.64 from XXXX [nnn.nnn.nn.nn] 
  Discover finished in 0 seconds 

i tried with the following combinations:

   tkined 1.4.11/tk 4.2p2/tcl 7.6p2
   tkined 1.4.11/tk 8.0.5/tcl 8.0.5
   tkined 1.4.7/tk 4.2p2/tcl 7.6p2

(the readme-files for scotty 2.1.11 are not clear, wether they rely on tcl/tk 
8.3 (readme) or tcl 7.6p2/tk 4.2p2 (unix/readme)...)

anybody can help? 

thank you in advance

     frank thommen, it support group

p.s.:the searchable faq archives seem to be out-of-order, therefore i couldn't 
check there for this problem.

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