[tkined] interface load graph limits, and other questions

J.S. Havard flood at sevensages.org
Thu Oct 28 10:44:18 CEST 1999

Is there a limit to the number of interfaces SNMP-Monitor>Interface Load
will return?  One of our Ciscos has about 100 interfaces, but when it gets
to the 70th interface, it returns no more interfaces.  Is there an
arbitrary limit on the number of interfaces it will return?  

It really sucks, because it cuts off in the middle of our ATM PVCs, and
seeing as how most of our Frame Relay stuff has been piped on to the ATM
circuit, I'm missing out on a bunch of stuff.

Is there a way around this?  Somebody please help me here.

Also, what about an easier way to have SNMP:Config set for the graphs, and
for the objects?  Would be much easier than having to go to each graph,
and set SNMP:Config for each one, so that when the thing is saved, it
doesn't lose the SNMP info.

And how about a way to make an interface blink if it goes down?  Will it
do that if you are monitoring traps (don't have traps set up on the
routers yet.  Our down alert system just polls it for when it pages us)?
Or do traps just pop up in a window?

A bunch of questions, I know.  

John Havard

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