[tkined] problems with "mibtree" and Scotty3.0.0

MOUNIER-PIRON Philippe mounier at enac.fr
Tue Oct 5 14:34:43 CEST 1999

I use mibtree in 3.0.0 as a standalong application.

When I "Open Map", I have the message :"Invalid Tnm map file"

This is the file :

$map configure -expire 3600 -height 0 -name {} -path {} -store {} -tags
{} -tick
 60 -width 0

set node1 [$map create node -address -color Black -ctime
 -expire 3600 -font fixed -group {} -icon node -mtime 939125861 -name
node0 -pat
h {} -priority 0 -store {} -tags {}]


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