[tkined] straps problem

PierLuigi DeSimone syd at ecmwf.int
Sat Jan 23 19:26:50 CET 1999


I have a problem with ``straps''. I have written a small trapdaemon running on
IRIX. It works fine for some days, but usually, after few days, it doesn't
receive the traps coming from the Cisco. After some tcpdump I realized that the
Cisco was doing what it was supposed to do, but my script was deaf.
To have the things working back properly it was non sufficient to kill and
restart the script, I have to kill the underlying ``straps'' (about which I
know very little). After this everything comes back again. I use Tnm 2.1.6.
Any suggestion? (I'll move to the new Tnm as soon as I can).

Thank you very much

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