[tkined] building scotty 2.1.10 on HP-UX 10.20 (fwd)

ari.reen at ntc.nokia.com ari.reen at ntc.nokia.com
Thu Jan 7 07:35:18 CET 1999


George Smith <gbs at swdc.stratus.com> writes:
> $ ./scotty
> initialization failed: couldn't load file "/usr/public/lib/tnm2.1.10.sl": unresolved symbol name
> So this says to me that the "no such file or directory" error message
> is not referring to /usr/public/lib/tnm2.1.10.sl but to something that
> that library is trying to find.
> Any ideas as to what the sequence of events are here?  The binary "scotty"
> is loading "tnm2.1.10.sl" which then trys to load something else.  There
> is /usr/public/lib/tnm2.1.10/pkgIndex.tcl which is what points at
> /usr/public/lib/tnm2.1.10.sl and there is
> /usr/public/lib/tnm2.1.10/library/init.tcl which does some manipulation
> of the auto_path and of a variable $tnm(library).  Are there any users
> of scotty 2.1.10 that have it working on HP-UX 10.20?  Advice or pointers
> appreciated.  TIA.

You could go to http://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk/ and get 
trace (http://hpux.csc.liv.ac.uk/hppd/hpux/Sysadmin/trace-1.6/). 

Then run scotty under trace and see what it is doing. It might generate
lots of output but look for example failing opens/stats.

73's de ari
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