[tkined] Installation path on Win32

clau at plaintree.com clau at plaintree.com
Tue Jan 5 22:00:24 CET 1999

     I compiled Tnm and Tkined on NT and install it in the following 
     directory structure
     instead of the recommended c:\program files\Tcl.  All my Tcl/Tk files 
     are in that directory umbrella as well.
     Then I tried 
        wish80 tkined150
     under the bin directory.  First the toolbar does not show up.  Also, 
     none of the node image gets loaded, except the "?" mark node.  I have 
     set my TNM_LIBRARY and TKI_LIBRARY environment var to point to 
     c:/XYZ/lib/tnm3.0.0 and tkined1.5.0 respectively.
     I noticed in the source there are some hard-coded paths.  Now I set 
     those paths to another Tcl directory, which is not c:/XYZ.  Let's call 
     it c:/ABC.  That directory is a special build directory I set up to 
     have the include and lib files.  I noticed that if I move my c:/XYZ 
     tree to c:/ABC, tkined will work properly.
     What would be the cause of the problem?  How can I go around this so 
     that I can install Tcl/Tk and Scotty anywhere?
     /Carmel Lau
     clau at plaintree.com

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