How do you use Tkined and Scotty?

Juergen Schoenwaelder schoenw at
Tue Nov 28 00:06:20 CET 1995


This time I need your help. I am preparing my network management
thesis and I have been asked how people are making use of our software
(Tkined and Scotty) that has been developed as part of our project.

I would really appreciate it if you can spend a few minutes to send me
an email which answers the following questions:

a) What kind of user are you:

   1 commercial
   2 educational
   3 research
   4 private
   5 other

b) What is your main interest in our software:

   1 Using the software as a low-cost management solution.
   2 Prototyping new management applications.
   3 Prototyping new management agents.
   4 Testing other management applications or agents.
   5 Educational purposes.
   6 Fun.
   7 ....

c) Did you ever extend our software (e.g. write new scripts or modify
   existing scripts to fit your needs)? If possible, indicate the
   area (e.g. ATM management, traffic management, system management).

   1 No
   2 Yes
   3 Yes: ....

d) Are there any references to work done by you based on our software
   (everything from a book, paper, proposal, or a press release will
   be fine). If possible, let us know how to obtain the document.

   1 No
   2 Yes: ....

e) Is it allowed to cite you as a user? If your answer is "no", the
   whole thing will be kept private. Trust me.

   1 No
   2 Yes

It is OK just to name the appropriate answers by their number, e.g.
"a4, b6, c3 a better game, d1, e2". Longer reports about your
experiences are also welcome.

Answering these 5 questions will help me to finish my thesis (and
perhaps your answers will even give me the feeling that at least some
results of my work are useful to others). Positive feedback might also
be a good reason to invest more time in the development of our
management software in the future. Thanks for spending your time to
answer these questions,


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