tkined postscript maps & psutils [was: Re: A fine piece of work...]

Patrick Weemeeuw Patrick.Weemeeuw at
Sat Nov 25 12:06:14 CET 1995

From: Juergen Schoenwaelder <schoenw at>
    Tkined does not exactly use these formats (due to silly problems with
    millimeter to pixel conversion etc.) I would suggest to get the
    psutils package to resize the postscript dumps into a printable

Well, I have tried this before, but didn't succeed: I always ended up
with part of the map clipped.  I suspect that the generated postscript
is not well behaving (somewhere I read a comment in the postscript
file like 'this trashes the graphics state'), and the psutils cannot
(of course) handle this.   Did anyone succeed in manipulating a A3
or larger map with psutils?
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