A fine piece of work...

Juergen Schoenwaelder schoenw at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Fri Nov 24 12:09:27 CET 1995


geoff at abu.mn.org (Geoff Kuchera) said:

Geoff>	I have a question tho..  Would it be possible to split up a
Geoff>	large map and print it across sveral pages..  I have an A1
Geoff>	sized map and would like eventually to be able to print it
Geoff>	onto 8.5x11" paper..  Maby I'm missing somthing..  How big is
Geoff>	A1 anyway??

Unfortunately, there is no way to get smaller pieces of a large map.
The A1 size is a European paper size (well actually it is an ISO
standard). Below is a list given in an integral number of millimeters:

        A0  841 x 1189
        A1  594 x 841
        A2  420 x 594
        A3  297 x 420
        A4  210 x 297

Tkined does not exactly use these formats (due to silly problems with
millimeter to pixel conversion etc.) I would suggest to get the
psutils package to resize the postscript dumps into a printable


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