pcnfs patches for scotty-2.0.2

Juergen Schoenwaelder schoenw at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Thu Nov 16 16:54:49 CET 1995


Doug Hughes <Doug.Hughes at Eng.Auburn.EDU> said:

Doug>	Well, I finally got around to getting the 2.0.2 patches
Doug>	installed and making my list of patches so that you can do
Doug>	pcnfs with scotty. I've added a subset of PCNFS
Doug>	functionality. But it should be easily modifiable to add more
Doug>	functionality following the examples given in sunrpcextra.c.

Thank you very much for the sources. I like the idea to look at print
queues via pcnfs RPC calls so I folded your patches into my sources.
However, they look quite different now. I did not include the nfsnull
command (because you can do it in two lines of Tcl) and I did not
include the pcnfs auth command (is it useful for anything else than
cracking? :-). I fixed some minor bugs and made the Tcl interface more
consistent with the existing sunrpc commands. Here are my results:

	sunrpc pcnfs <host> info ?<array>? -> id_string
	sunrpc pcnfs <host> printer ?<array>? -> printer_name_list
	sunrpc pcnfs <host> queue <printer> ?<array>? -> queue_length
	sunrpc pcnfs <host> status <printer> <array>

The <array> parameter is a name of a Tcl array that is filled up with
information. This allows easy and fast access without doing
complicated list handling stuff. In some cases, the array values are
again list of keys and values (e.g. in the queue command). This format
allows to convert these lists into Tcl arrays using the array set
command which simplifies the access to selected information.

I wrote a simple scwish script to look at printer queue via pcnfs. It
will be included in the examples directory of the next patch.


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