A few changes for scotty-2.0.2 and its use with tkined 1.3.4

Juergen Schoenwaelder schoenw at ibr.cs.tu-bs.de
Fri Nov 10 17:11:25 CET 1995


"John P. Rouillard" <rouilj at dstar.iddis.com> said:

John>	Patching the Makefile.in is caused by my keeping the source
John>	code under CVS control. CVS doesn't like the symbolic links
John>	that are provided to keep mibtree in sync with its real source
John>	file. The diff adds support to the Makefile to make the
John>	mibtree program by copying it from its parent file.

I fixed the Makefile and removed the symlink.

John>	The second patch is actually useful. I wanted to create a
John>	default ThresholdAction for all of the icons that are
John>	associated with IP_Monitor.

I patched my sources as you suggested. Thanks for the diff.

John>	One item to add to the wish list is the ability to bundle
John>	defaults inherited from the tkined.defaults file into the
John>	map. A fast hack for doing this would be to be able to set a
John>	variable to be the contents of a tkined.defaults file, and
John>	parse that string after loading the tkined.defaults file.

I am not very enthusiastic do to even more hacks because the internals
of Tkined and most scripts need some reengineering anyway. I plan to
load and save maps by sourcing them by a Tcl interpreter. This will
allow us to do many cool things. For now, I would like to stick with
the old (and sometimes not very flexible) scheme.


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