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eddy at ISI.EDU eddy at ISI.EDU
Mon Nov 6 22:36:45 CET 1995

> Hi!
> Aaron J Peterson II <aajpeter at> said:
> Aaron>	On another point, does anyone remember the address of that (or
> Aaron>	any) geographical database server, that you could telnet to
> Aaron>	and perform simple matching queries about locations?  I was
> Aaron>	thinking about the IP World function, and "wouldn't it be nice
> Aaron>	if" someone were to write a semi-automated front end to
> Aaron>	expanding the location database.  Gee-whiz factor would
> Aaron>	increase ten fold.
> I did not know about such a service. Let us know if you find out a
> good way to resolve geographic names to location information. The IP
> World script was a Friday afternoon hack, but it might be fun to spend
> another Friday afternoon on it. :-)
> 							Juergen

i did happen across:

which in turn claims to use:  Actually this
would be more than just a little fun on a friday for me.  it would
actually be a win.  i'm using tkined to map relations amoung 
autonomous systems (BGP peerings).  which can produce extremly
dense interconnected graphs, so layout is a big concern (of which
there is no easy or common solution.

it turns out that geographical layout might be our best bet short
of user placement...  i will actually look at this closer in a couple
weeks.  if anyone know anything more i'd love to hear about it.
also, i'll drop a blurb on anything that i find that may be of interest.


- rusty

eddy at

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