Tkined 1.3.3: Help!

Aaron J Peterson II aajpeter at
Sun Nov 5 11:18:13 CET 1995

On Thu, 2 Nov 1995, Erik Schoenfelder wrote:

> Hi!
> Aaron>	I found, after installing the latest and greatest
> Aaron>	tcl/tk/tkined/scotty on a machine here at work, that (at
> Aaron>	least) ip discover and traceroute only works if tkined is run
> Aaron>	from root!
> Juergen>	Please make sure you did the `make sinstall' with root
> Juergen>	permissions.  The ntping and straps programs need to
> Juergen>	be suid root as they need to open privileged sockets.

I had indeed checked the suid stuff, it was all correct but the odd thing
was, tkined seemed to be erroring out on snmp timeouts, if I recall (I
guess not, as you'll see).  The pings were working, as was evidenced by
the fact that the discover report was returning stats on the number of
discovered nodes, etc. 

As it turns out, straps was suid, but had perms of 4500, which
could|should(?) be 4511, yes?  I know my root umask on this machine is a
lenient 022, so it must be the makefile, i.e.: 

*** scotty-2.0.1/snmp/Makefile.orig     Sun Nov  5 04:45:25 1995
--- scotty-2.0.1/snmp/Makefile  Sun Nov  5 04:45:58 1995
*** 142,147 ****
--- 142,148 ----
        -chown root $(BIN_DIR)/straps || /etc/chown root $(BIN_DIR)/straps
        -chmod u+s $(BIN_DIR)/straps
        -chmod a-w $(BIN_DIR)/straps
+       -chmod a+x $(BIN_DIR)/straps
        cp Makefile Makefile.bak


...or something like that.  Heck, doesn't "chmod 4511 x" work on most 
machines?  Or are you wanting to be dependent on the existing root umask?

> If ntping and straps is installed suid root, please make sure they are
> not started from a NFS partition, mounted with option `nosuid'.
> 							Erik

Darn good point.

On another point, does anyone remember the address of that (or any)
geographical database server, that you could telnet to and perform simple
matching queries about locations?  I was thinking about the IP World
function, and "wouldn't it be nice if" someone were to write a
semi-automated front end to expanding the location database.  Gee-whiz
factor would increase ten fold. 


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