Tkined 1.3.3: Help!

Erik Schoenfelder schoenfr at
Thu Nov 2 13:54:29 CET 1995


Aaron>	I found, after installing the latest and greatest
Aaron>	tcl/tk/tkined/scotty on a machine here at work, that (at
Aaron>	least) ip discover and traceroute only works if tkined is run
Aaron>	from root!

Juergen>	Please make sure you did the `make sinstall' with root
Juergen>	permissions.  The ntping and straps programs need to
Juergen>	be suid root as they need to open privileged sockets.

If ntping and straps is installed suid root, please make sure they are
not started from a NFS partition, mounted with option `nosuid'.


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